Mother’s Day Declaration

Nii Durose  →   Paula Matoso Durose

2017-02-20 16.09.33Once again, here is the day in which we celebrate the life of some of the hardest working women out there: mothers.
Now that I’ve grown older (as old as 20 something can be), I can better understand the true meaning of a mum. Remember when I was younger and you would tell me your mum had always been your best friend and there was nothing you would hide from her; you would always tell her everything and she was always the one you would depend on. As most children/teenagers I used to think “Clearly this is not true! I mean how can you tell your mum everything? How can she be your best friend?” For that young girl, the idea of having to tell you everything was unthinkable and a bit embarrassing.
But as I’ve grown into the young woman I am today; I consider you much more than a best friend. You have become my “partner in crime”. There is nothing I would hide from you now, because you are always the first that comes to mind when something happens, or when I see something on TV, or when it’s all too much for me. You are the first one to notice the slight changes in my demeanour and you’re the first one to compliment me in everything I do (even the smallest things). True, mums are carers, they take care of all your needs while you grow up (sometimes even after), but you’ve not only taken care of me but also taught me how to take care of myself and others. You’ve showed me how to speak up for myself and how to forgive even when I’m right. You’ve showed me how important it is to educate myself and stay informed. You’ve showed me how to fight and how to let other fight for me. You’ve held me down when I needed but also trust me to fly on my own.
There has never been a time where I’m prouder to say I’m your daughter than now, and I’ll make sure to always honour you by being the kind, considerate, caring, loving, confident, talented and outspoken woman you have taught and helped me be!
I love you to the furthest star and back my beautiful and bright mummykins.